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Expansive and cozy at the same time, and utilizing high quality components, our designs and equipment provide a deeply satisfying quality of float. The pool itself is sized to accommodate large individuals and normal sized couples, and the room around it provides ambient comfort.


Our equipment is integrated into the custom float room, creating a coherent atmosphere. From basic designs for a pure sensory deprivation experience, to instant blackout windows and mixed reality projectors, the opportunity is yours to own a one of a kind sanctuary that speaks to your style and attracts the people you seek.


Aesthetics aside, the mechanics of getting in and out of most floatation tanks can be a deterrent for people seeking floatation therapy. For individuals who are healthy, temporarily injured, or permanently impaired, let your float room be accessible to all.

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  • Custom float rooms integrate into spaces where other float tanks cannot fit

  • Immensely customizable atmosphere & function

  • Common software & hardware is familiar territory for contractors & operators alike




  • Mitigates claustrophobia concerns

  • Truly wonderful quality of float 

  • 8' by 4'8" float area accommodates larger bodies or two individuals

  • Ease of access for mobility impaired


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