Our equipment is easy to operate and is built to last. We offer complete design and construction liason services, and ongoing support. 

Custom Float Room


Working together with Mandala Float Systems, and drawing on our 30+ years of combined float room construction experience, our equipment is tried and true to deliver the ideal float environment.

Open Float Pool

Our precision molded, high quality fiberglass float pool is made in the USA in a dedicated facility. 

The spacious 8' by 4'8" float area is perfect for nearly all sizes of individuals, and most couples.

Float Pool
Undertak, inline, and overhead heaters

Robust and silent, all high quality Under Tank, In Line, & Overhead Infrared Heating Systems monitor and maintain the solution & air temperatures in your float room.

Heating System
Filteration System

Our filtration system incorporates technologies that make sense for float rooms, including:

Variable speed pump with cycle scheduling.

Custom made Mandala Surface Skimmer.

UV sanitation.

Low-maintenance filter.

and Flow Meter.

Filtration System
Float Tank Pump

Our systems come with a spare pump so you can be prepared for the worst, with a 5 minute fix.

Backup Pump
Light and Audio Fade

Automated lighting and music cues end the float session in a gentle and effective manner, operated via mobile app. Includes: Smart LED Lighting System, Stereo Receiver & Connections, Bluetooth stereo connectivity option.

Light & Audio Fades
Underwater Transducer Speakers

Our embedded sound transfer plates and high quality audio transducers bring underwater sound to life.

Underwater LED light

Our hand-built fiber optic lighting system is fail-safe, and has 8 color options, a dimmer, and fading options. This beautiful light is user controlled with an air button from the float pool.

Underwater Lighting System
Insulation Footing

An essential insulative and supportive layer that goes between your float pool and the floor.

Insulation Footing
On-Call Customer Support

We're not just float room designers, we are float center owners. Our knowledge base is priceless. Reach one of us via phone, text, and email throughout your installation process.

On Call Support
Installation Guide

Paired with our in pocket service is an illustrated manual of the best installation practices we have found.

Installation Guide
Free shipping

Free crating & shipping to the lower 48 on float pool & all components.

Free Shipping

All Mandala systems come with a 5-year warranty on the pool and under tank heating system, plus a 1-year warranty on small parts.



Our Design Package is the complete Float System Kit, plus our phenomenal Float Room In Your Pocket service. Simply let us know what solid surface material you will be using, and we we will help you bring your float room to life.


Includes everything from the Float System Kit (above)

Float System Kit
Float room plans in your pocket

This is the state of the art in custom float room design. Every aspect of your float room is built to scale in 3D, where collaboration between all of the teams involved in your project can take shape in a clear manner. Download the Viewer app on your phone or tablet where you can tour the technical model in 3D and take measurements and screenshots to share with your team and your followers.



  • Mobile access to your complete room design.

  • Unlimited 24/7 Mandala support, including redesigns and up to 12 lifelike model renders.

  • Plan-view documents for your architect & construction team to use as a template.


The benefits of having your Float Room In Your Pocket are many, and include:

  • Facilitates clear communication with your contractors, interested parties, and local hardware store employees, for example.

  • A professional virtual presentation establishes credibility with potential lenders and social media followers.

  • Accurate dimensions of all materials helps estimate costs accurately, and saves time for your architect and contractors.

  • Visualize clearly what you want, and point right to it, so that the finished product comes out the way you want it.

  • Receive detailed input from the experienced Mandala team. This level of collaboration with our knowledge base is priceless.

*Note: Meticulous measurements are very important for the Technical Floor Plan and Float Room In Your Pocket. Ask us for a sample float room to try out in your pocket!

Mobile device requirements:

  • iOS Devices Operating System:

    • iOS 10 and later

    • Phones: iPhone 5 and later

    • Tablets: Retina iPads

  • Android Devices Operating System:

    • Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and later

    • Phones and Tablets: 4-inch screens and higher – MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI resolutions

Float Room In Your Pocket
Free shipping

Free crating & shipping to the lower 48 on float pool & all components.

Free Shipping


Our premier service, The Marble Package utilizes all of our specialized skills and resources to deliver a complete float room. Customized to your space and your ideal design, the goods you receive include our Float System Kit, Float Room In Your Pocket, and adds custom fabricated Cultured Marble panels to complete your shower pan and walls, as well as your float pool skirting, decking, and splash guards.


Includes everything from the Design Package (above)

Design Package
Marble Package

Cultured Marble is perfect for float rooms. It is easy to clean, and is fabricated in large custom sizes, so there are very few seams in a finished Marble float room. The shower pan is fabricated to mesh perfectly with the rest of the Marble, keeping the Epsom salts under control for quick and easy turnaround times between floats.


There are many colors and patterns available.

Custom Cultured Marble
Free shippng

Free crating & shipping to the lower 48 on float pool & all components.

Free Shipping

Let's build your

dream float room.